Create Your Own Story!

Hello there, fellow parent! We’re super excited to create a story, specially crafted with love for your child. Just fill in a few details and let’s get straight to the adventure.

  1. Is your child a boy/girl? boy
  2. What’s his name & nickname? a) Jaideep b)Jerry
  3. What color is your child’s bag? Light Blue
  4. Who is your child’s best friend? Dhruv

<2a> woke up early today. He was very happy. His mother is taking him to the zoo! She said he can see many new animals there.

“<2b>… come for breakfast!”, his mother called. <2a> quickly ate his breakfast. He was excited about the trip and wanted to do everything fast so they could leave soon. After breakfast, his mother asked Jaideep to pack his <3> bag. She made a list: A water bottle, an apple, a napkin, a notebook and a pencil.

“Can <4> come along with us, please?”, asked <2a>. His mother said, “Not this time, <2b>. We didn’t plan for this”. But she gave <2a> an idea – he could draw everything that he liked at the zoo in his notebook. So, when he meets <4>, he can show these drawings. This way, they can plan their next trip together. “That’s a great idea!”, said <2a>. 

Hurray… it was time to go to the zoo! <2a> took his bag and ran to the car. The zoo was an hour’s drive. Once they reached, <2a>’s mother bought two entry tickets. As soon as they entered the zoo, <2a> saw a man and a woman waving at them. They introduced themselves as Sam and Sally, the zoo experts! They would show <2a> and his mother some of the animals in the zoo.

“Let’s start with the king of the jungle, shall we <2b>?”, said Sam. Do you know who that is? 

Sam, Sally, <2a> and his mother walked up to a large cage. Inside was a big cat with a big furry mane. He walked around the cage and roared so loud!  Sam said, “This is the lion – the king of the jungle. He is the most powerful animal in the forest.”

Sally led the group to the next area. There, we saw a horse-like creature with black and white stripes. Do you know what it is called?

You’re right <2b>. That’s a zebra!

Now, <2a> and the others walked to the third cage. It had a lot of bamboo trees! “Crunch, snap, crunch, snap!”… there were loud sounds coming from this area. <2a> was worried. “Don’t worry, <2b>, this creature is really a gentle giant. You’ll see!” As they went near the cage, they saw a big teddy-bear like creature. It was sitting and chewing bamboo shoots. “There’s the panda!”, said Sam and Sally together.

Last, they went to an area that had lots of ice inside! “What is this animal that lives in ice?”, asked <2a>. Sally smiled and said, “It’s actually a bird.” <2a> was very curious to see! When they went near, Sam showed them a black and white bird with a large head and a short tail. Can you guess which bird this is? 

Yes! It is a penguin. Good job, <2a>.

<2a> said, “Thank you Sally and Sam for showing us these animals! I had a great time.” He drew pictures of all the animals in his notebook. Do you want to try drawing them now?

<2a> and his mother went to a large tent to rest and eat some snacks? Do you remember what we packed in the <3> bag? Yes, we will eat the apple now. <2a> was very happy with the visit! He drew pictures of the animals he saw. He couldn’t wait to tell <4> all about the adventure.