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Where Is the World’s Highest Polling Station?

A small village nestled in the high Himalayas had turned a two-storied building into a polling station. 

Can you guess the name of this place?

Situated at 15,256 feet, Tashigang in Himachal Pradesh is the world’s highest polling booth. It comes under the Mandi Lok Sabha seat. 

Although it had only 36 voters, it had recorded an unbelievable 132 percent voter turnout.

Read on to find out more about this place: 

  • The Tashigang polling station comes under Lahaul- Spiti assembly segment, which is a Buddhist-dominated area
  • Tashigang is also the highest village in Spiti valley
  • It is 29 km from the Indo-China border
  • The polling station has only 48 voters – 30 men and 18 women

Tashigang is a beautiful place with a lot to offer to explorers looking for something mesmerizing. It’s a place where the breeze talks to you, and calm is the norm.


Rigjin, 78, was the oldest voter at this polling station.

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Where Is the International Space Station Situated?

The International Space Station or the ISS is the single largest spacecraft that humans have ever put into space. It provides a base for scientific researches.

The ISS operates in collaboration with five space agencies –  NASA (United States), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), and CSA (Canada). 

The ISS project started in the year 1998 and took two years to become fully functional. 

Let’s find out more about the ISS:

  • The ISS is the home for astronauts in space. It is well equipped to generate its own power, fetch and store data and host the crew
  • It also has small spacecraft attached to it. These spacecraft don’t host humans but provide platforms for research
  • The ISS and its smaller space stations provide a long-term environment where several scientific studies can be performed for decades

The daily expenditure of an ISS crew member is estimated to be nearly $7.5 million.


The International Space Station was not launched as a single unit. Several space shuttles were assembled over a period of two years to make the ISS.

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Kerala Ranks First in SDG Index

India’s agency NITI Asyog released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for India (2020-21).

According to the progress made in the social, economic, and environmental fields, this list ranks all the states and union territories. 

Let’s have a look at the performance of the states:

  • The SDG index for 2020-21 shows that Kerala has topped the list once again with a score of 75
  • Both Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are in joint second place
  • Among the UTs, Chandigarh is on top 
  • The states of Mizoram, Haryana and Uttarakhand have shown significant improvement from 2019
  • Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam are in the bottom three

The NITI Aayog is a government agency that aims to promote welfare among the people by improving the coordination between the state and the central government.

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Humans Could Live Longer than 120 Years!

Do you remember the scene where Harry saw Lord Voldermort drinking the blood of the unicorn in the Forbidden Forest? In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the unicorn’s blood was believed to gift immortality to the drinker.

Immortality is the ability to defeat death and live forever. Long-life has been the wish and desire of mankind. Be it Gulliver’s Travels or Lord Tennyson’s poem Tithonus, man’s craving for eternity is universal.

But the fact is, the cells in our bodies have a limit. They wear, tear and stop working as we grow older. This is why people have health issues when they grow older.

A science and technology company called Gero studied how human bodies recover from accidents and diseases. 

They found out that recovery power gets slower as we grow older

Studying this further, they found that resilience is completely gone when you reach somewhere between 120 years to 150 years.

So how long can we live? The study says that 150 years is the oldest age that we can reach.


Jeanne Calment lived till the age of 122 and is the oldest person on record to have ever lived. 

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Space Debris Hits International Space Station

A satellite is an object (natural and artificial) that orbits around a star or a planet. The first artificial satellite, Sputnik I, was sent to space in the year 1957. Since then, we have had so many more launches.

Have you ever wondered how many such artificial satellites orbit the Earth? 

There are about half a million satellites/artificial objects in space, out of which only a fraction is usable. This means that there is a lot of space junk that is floating around.  

Space junk or space debris refers to the artificial material that orbits the Earth but is no longer functional. 

The threat posed by orbital debris becomes higher as the band of space surrounding the Earth becomes increasingly crowded with satellites.

Recently, space junk hit a robotic arm located outside the International Space Station (ISS) and punched a hole in it.

The arm is called Canadarm2. It is responsible for conducting regular maintenance checks on the outer parts of the ISS. 

NASA and other space agencies are coming up with ways to reduce orbital debris in space. While some suggest taking down dead satellites, others are thinking about refuelling and reusing the old ones. 

But guess only time will tell which approach is the best.

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This Is the World’s Largest Lego Structure

Do you remember the famous Colosseum of Ancient Rome? It is the largest amphitheatre built by the Romans and stands tall as Rome’s iconic landmark. 

This 2000-year old architecture of Italy has now been recreated with the help of lego pieces!

Recently, a toymaker from Virginia created a replica using a record-setting number of individual Lego pieces and called it the Lego Colosseum. 

Not only did this innovation blew everyone’s mind off but had also earned it the title for the Largest Commercially Available Lego Set.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Let’s find out more about this Lego Colosseum:

  • The Lego Colosseum is made up of 9,036 pieces and is the largest Lego set in the world
  • In February 2021, Paul Ufema from the US took 13 hours, 37 minutes and 36 seconds to build this Colosseum
  • The Lego model also features several salient features of the ancient amphitheatre, such as its arches, stepped layout and the iconic columns

Paul has a passion for building legos, and he displays them on his YouTube channel named All New Bricks.

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Weather Highlights of 2020

There is a lot to the list of events that happened in the year 2020. A series of climate-related unprecedented weather events was one such highlight. From hurricanes to wildfires to floods, we had seen it all.

All major weather events of 2020 were compiled in one fascinating space video called ‘A Year of Weather 2020′.  The video was created using images from satellites. In this 10-minute long video, you can witness the weather wildness of the entire year.

The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) in partnership with the China Meteorological Administration, the Japan Meteorological Agency and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) releases such videos every year.

In the video, you can see the weather pattern change through the year. The storms are coloured in a range from light yellow to red depending on their intensity.

The video is quite insightful and tells us the mesmerizing story of rain, snow and clear skies.

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Fifty Billion Birds!

What do you think is the perfect start to a day? It is when one wakes up to the chorus of singing birds. 

Birds are everywhere on Earth. Some are very common, like crows or sparrows. Others like the Nicobar pigeon are very rare.

A recent study revealed that the total population of birds worldwide stand at a whopping 50 billion!

Let’s take a look at some of the facts:

  • The total population of birds outnumbers the total human population by nearly six times
  • Birds like house sparrows, European starlings, barn swallows and ring-billed gulls have crossed the 1 billion mark

Additionally, the data revealed that most birds live in the northern hemisphere, including Europe, northern Asia, and northern Africa. Very few birds are found in Madagascar and Antarctica.

Scientists were able to estimate the numbers with the help of eBird. Ebird is an online database where birdwatchers report their sightings. 

The study was based on the eBird dataset between 2010 and 2019

The results of this study were published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Magawa Retires from the Bomb Squad

Do you know rats can help sniff out bombs? Throughout history, animals have proved to be the best allies when it comes to detecting explosives. 

A heroic rat named Magawa has been working on such a mission for the past five years. 

Magawa is a Tanzanian-born African giant pouched rat who lives in Cambodia. He was trained by APOPO to sniff out explosives and detect underground landmines

These rats, nicknamed as HeroRATs, have an elevated sense of smell that made them ideal detectors of TNT (explosives).

After working for five years, this heroic animal is retiring. Magawa is now seven years old. As he is getting older, he has become slower. So, the person who handles him decided to let him rest.

Till now, Magawa has detected over 70 bombs and has helped to clear out more than 2.4 million square feet of land.  

He is also the first rat ever to win the bravery gong. 

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This Toddler Has an IQ of 146

The extraordinary intelligence of a 2-year old from Los Angeles, US, has left everyone startled! This child named Kashe Quest has made remarkable progress in different fields.

Her IQ was found to be 146.

An IQ test is a type of test designed to analyse human intelligence.

Ever since Kashi was young, her parents noticed that she was smart and learned things quickly.

Let’s have an insight into what all she can do at this age:-

  • She can name all the elements of the periodic table, count up to 100 and identify states by their shapes and location
  • She is currently learning Spanish
  • She is the youngest American to join the largest and oldest IQ society in the world, Mensa

Kashe’s father told CNN, “If she doesn’t know something, she wants to know what it is and how does it function, and once she learns it, she applies it”.