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Kerala Ranks First in SDG Index

India’s agency NITI Asyog released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for India (2020-21).

According to the progress made in the social, economic, and environmental fields, this list ranks all the states and union territories. 

Let’s have a look at the performance of the states:

  • The SDG index for 2020-21 shows that Kerala has topped the list once again with a score of 75
  • Both Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are in joint second place
  • Among the UTs, Chandigarh is on top 
  • The states of Mizoram, Haryana and Uttarakhand have shown significant improvement from 2019
  • Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam are in the bottom three

The NITI Aayog is a government agency that aims to promote welfare among the people by improving the coordination between the state and the central government.

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