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Humans Could Live Longer than 120 Years!

Do you remember the scene where Harry saw Lord Voldermort drinking the blood of the unicorn in the Forbidden Forest? In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the unicorn’s blood was believed to gift immortality to the drinker.

Immortality is the ability to defeat death and live forever. Long-life has been the wish and desire of mankind. Be it Gulliver’s Travels or Lord Tennyson’s poem Tithonus, man’s craving for eternity is universal.

But the fact is, the cells in our bodies have a limit. They wear, tear and stop working as we grow older. This is why people have health issues when they grow older.

A science and technology company called Gero studied how human bodies recover from accidents and diseases. 

They found out that recovery power gets slower as we grow older

Studying this further, they found that resilience is completely gone when you reach somewhere between 120 years to 150 years.

So how long can we live? The study says that 150 years is the oldest age that we can reach.


Jeanne Calment lived till the age of 122 and is the oldest person on record to have ever lived. 

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