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Magawa Retires from the Bomb Squad

Do you know rats can help sniff out bombs? Throughout history, animals have proved to be the best allies when it comes to detecting explosives. 

A heroic rat named Magawa has been working on such a mission for the past five years. 

Magawa is a Tanzanian-born African giant pouched rat who lives in Cambodia. He was trained by APOPO to sniff out explosives and detect underground landmines

These rats, nicknamed as HeroRATs, have an elevated sense of smell that made them ideal detectors of TNT (explosives).

After working for five years, this heroic animal is retiring. Magawa is now seven years old. As he is getting older, he has become slower. So, the person who handles him decided to let him rest.

Till now, Magawa has detected over 70 bombs and has helped to clear out more than 2.4 million square feet of land.  

He is also the first rat ever to win the bravery gong. 

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