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Atomic Test Wreckage Creates Rare Crystal

Explosions can create crystals! Have you heard that before? 

Well, the first-ever nuclear bomb test did create a very rare crystal called ‘quasicrystals’. This test held on 16th July 1945 at the New Mexico Desert in the US was named Trinity.

A plutonium nuclear bomb named ‘Gadget’ was exploded atop a 100-foot tower. The explosion vaporized the entire building in no time, turning the surrounding asphalt and sand into green glass. The glass pieces were later found to be made of a new mineral named trinitite. The nuclear blast also led to the formation of unique crystals called “quasicrystals“.

The power released in this explosion amounted to about 18.6 kilotons.

So far, these crystals were believed to be created only under extreme heat and pressure that are released during explosions in space.

This discovery proves that such extreme conditions can be made on Earth too.

The quasicrystal found at the Trinity site is five-sided with an atomic structure that has never been seen on Earth before. 

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