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UAE’s Hope Probe Reaches Mars

UAE’ first interplanetary missionThe Hope Probe, landed successfully on the red planet in the first attempt. With this, the United Arab Emirates became the fifth country and the only Arab country to enter the orbit of Mars. The orbiter was named ‘Hope’ which means Amal in Arabic.

The probe had four primary objectives:

  • Study the weather and climate of Mars
  • Understand what could have driven oxygen and hydrogen out of Mars
  • Study the composition and find out connections between the lower and upper atmospheres of Mars
  • Understand how the Martian atmosphere varies throughout the day, season and year

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai was lighted up to honour UAE’s mission to Mars.

The Hope mission was one of the three missions launched to Mars from Earth in July 2020 – the other two were NASA’s Perseverance rover and China’s Tianwen-1 mission.

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