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Space Highlights of 2021

The year 2021 will be a big year for the space industry as many exciting missions are planned to take off this year. From Mars to asteroids and much more, space explorations will continue to expand across the solar system.

Here is a list of them and the months (Feb-Dec) in which they will take place:

  • 18 February – NASA’s Perseverance Rover will land on Mars (2 a.m. on 19 February for India) 
  • March – The Large Hadron Collider (the highest-energy particle collider and the largest machine on Earth) in Switzerland will restart operations
  • 26 May – A total lunar eclipse of the Super Flower Blood Moon will occur
  • April/May – China will send a rover (Tianwen-1) to Mars. It will enter Mars’ orbit by February but will wait for a few months before landing.
  • 10 June – The Northern Hemisphere will see a ring of fire eclipse. This occurs when the Moon partially blocks sunlight, leaving a “ring of fire” in the sky
  • 22 July – NASA will launch the DART mission to crash into an asteroid (68503 Didymo).
  • 16 October – NASA will launch the Lucy mission to study the asteroids near Jupiter (called the Trojans)
  • 31 October – NASA’s newest and most advanced space telescope, the James Webb Telescope, will be launched.
  • 4 December – Antarctica will experience the only total solar eclipse of 2021.

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