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This Video Game Will Help You to Explore Our Coral Reefs

NASA has designed a video game to help map Earth’s coral reefs. The game is called NeMO-Net. (Neural Multi-Modal Observation and Training Network)

Let’s find out more about this game : 

  • NASA’s Ames Research Center in the US has used special cameras on drones and aircrafts to capture images of Earth’s ocean floors
  • Now, they need to go through the photos and identify the coral reefs
  • This is where NeMO-Net comes in

How do you play the game?

  • The player explores the ocean floor in a submarine called the Nautilus and learns about different types of corals 
  • The objective of NeMO-Net is to identify and name the corals
  • The more the merrier. If more people are playing the game, then it will be easier to train NASA’s supercomputer at Ames to recognize corals from any image of the ocean floor

Anyone can play the game, even a first-grader.

The game will help scientists understand our corals better. 

For now, you can play it on a Mac book or an iPhone. We are waiting for the Android version, which will be available soon.

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