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A House Built with Cabbage!

Have you ever heard of an edible house? If not, then here is one! 

A unique house has been built by scientists at the University of Tokyo in Japan with cabbage, fruit peels, seaweed and other food wastes. 

Unreal right? Let’s read on to know more.

How was the house built?

  • Scientists dried the building materials along with food scraps and crushed those into tiny pieces with the help of a tool. This technique, also known as the heat pressing technique, is used to turn wood dust into building material
  • The scientists observed that all the materials except pumpkin peel were strong
  • Interestingly, the new building material was edible too. Not just that, the Chinese cabbage leaves even produced a material over three times stronger than concrete!

Although it was just an experiment, it resembled the witch’s house mentioned in Hansel and Gretel to a great extent!

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