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Elephants’ Trek to Remember!

Last year, a herd of 15 elephants escaped from a wildlife park in south-western China and have been walking since then! Maybe they are exploring new places and having fun with their friends.

Their long march of nearly 300 miles along highways and fields have brought a lot of damage to crops and farmlands.

Let’s find out what happened:

  • They escaped from a wildlife park in south-western China in March and walked from the Meng Yang Zi nature reserve towards a city called Yuxi. 
  • They have walked over  500 kms, roughly about the same distance between Delhi and Lucknow
  • They have become famous on TV and have reportedly caused damage of nearly US$1 million (more than ₹7 crores)
  • Last week, the elephants even roamed the streets of a town for 6 hours. 

Over 300 people, 76 police cars and 9 drones are keeping a watch on the elephants. They have also prepared 18,000 kg of food for them.

Officials are trying to get them to return to the nature reserve safely.

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