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Saturn: The Ringed Planet

If there’s an alien invasion ever, Saturn is the planet they would love to build their kingdom on! 

Saturn, the second-largest planet in our solar system, is adorned with seven magnificent rings around its equator. These celestial hula hoops are made of ice and rock chunks. What’s more? Each ring orbits around the planet at its own pace. The outermost rings move the slowest while the inner rings move the fastest. The ringed planet Saturn is also known as the ‘jewel of the Solar System‘.

Astronomer James O’Donoghue recently made an animated video on how the Saturnian ring system is like a mini Solar System – Saturn is like the Sun at the centre with planet-like rings circling it.

These incredibly fast-moving rings are also very long and thin. They constitute only about 1/5,000th the mass of our moon, which means our moon could be used to make 5,000 Saturn rings!

O’Donoghue has made other animation videos about our Solar System as well – there’s no “dark side” of the moon, the true centre of the Solar System isn’t the Sun, and Earth has two types of day.

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