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Pink African Violets?

One of the most beautiful indoor plants, the African violet, is a low-growing flowering plant that blooms several times a year. They are bright, vibrant and are available in a multitude of colors. So far, nearly 106 variants of this plant have been documented, out of which 26 are present in Northeaster India.

Recently, botanists at the Bhopal-based Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) discovered a new species of the African violet plant in Mizoram. The newly-found species has clusters of light pink flowers over fuzzy leaves and blossoms during monsoons only. 

This variant of the African violet has been named Didymocarpus vickifunkiae, in honor of the late Dr Vicki Ann Funk, a renowned American botanist.

The new flower has been found only at three locations in Mizoram and has already been declared endangered. Researchers have confirmed the presence of this species in adjacent areas of Myanmar also.

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