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This DC Comic Is Worth a Fortune!

Isn’t growing up all about trying to emulate your favorite superhero and team up with him in his quest for justice? Regardless of one’s age or gender, there is something so gripping about these comic books that engage children and older people alike.

If you are a comic enthusiast and have comic books, then don’t let go of those. You don’t know how much they may be worth someday.

A rare Superman comic book was recently sold for a record-setting price of US$3.25 million (about ₹24 crores), making it the world’s most valuable comic book.

The iconic superhero who sports a blue uniform, a flowing cape and an ‘S’ shield on his chest made his first appearance as A man of steel in Action Comics #1.  Initially released in 1938, the book was sold for 10 cents (about ₹7 today). Today, only about 100 copies of the comic still exist.

The all-time favorite superhero – Superman, is seen as the ultimate symbol of hope, truth and justice.

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