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‘Mind Writing’ Translates Thoughts into Texts

Isn’t it fascinating that modern technology has developed to such an extent that it has exchanged its roles with a telepath? 

Reading thoughts is no more a science fiction, thanks to the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

Scientists at Stanford University used AI (artificial intelligence) and a brain-computer interface (BCI) to make this happen. 

In this experiment, sensors were implanted in the brain of a 65-year-old man who is paralyzed from the neck down. The man imagined writing letters in his head, and the sensor recorded this specific activity. At the same time, an algorithm (computer program) translated this brain activity into words and fed it to the computer. 

While such experiments have been attempted before, this one, in particular, seems more advanced and successful. The algorithm could type about 90 characters per minute in this new method, while the average so far was approximately 40 characters/minute.

Scientists hope that technology like this could help people with paralysis to communicate properly

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