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Could Dinosaurs Talk?

Have you ever heard of a talkative dinosaur?

Here we go! There existed a species of dinosaurs that lived nearly 73 million years ago. The fossils discovered suggest that it belonged to a family of plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaurs called Hadrosaurs that lived in Mexico.

This new dinosaur has been named Tlatolophus galorum. Tlahtolli means “word” in the local Nahua language, and lophus means “crest” in Greek.

Its tail was discovered first in 2013, and later, after further digging, scientists came upon its entire skeleton, all of which were in good condition. 

The most remarkable feature of these dinosaurs was their ability to hear low-frequency sounds. This enabled them to communicate with each other.

Scientists also believe that these dinosaurs could make loud sounds that scared off other animals.

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