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Can Orchids Be Ugly Too?

Some of the exciting discoveries have taken place in the year 2020. Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in southwest London have published a list of 156 news plants and fungi that they had discovered. 

Let’s read these exciting discoveries! 

  • One-third of the new species discovered are orchids (a type of flower). One of them is named the ‘ugliest orchid in the world’. Orchids are known for being beautiful, but this one, found in Madagascar, is not very pretty.
  • This ‘ugliest orchid’ are small, brown, ugly-looking flowers. They remain underground most of the time and resurface only to bloom. They have “a noticeable musk rose-like scent”.
  • Many new types of fungi (mushroom family) were also discovered. A toadstool was found in a very unusual place – Heathrow airport in London! 
  • A pink morning glory plant was also discovered in the high Andes mountains of Peru, South America
  • One of the strangest new species was a Dwarf Shrub with strange scaly leaves. It was found in the hot salt pans of Namibia

Did you know?

Toadstools are mushrooms that are usually poisonous.

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