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The Moon Turns Red!

Did you see the ‘Pink Supermoon’ last month?

Even if you didn’t, don’t worry! Be prepared and catch a glimpse of the next supermoon, which will be visible in the upcoming week.

On the 26th of May, the world will witness a spectacular cosmic phenomenon – the Moon will turn blood red. This eclipse will be a combination of – Total Lunar Eclipse, a red Moon and a Full Moon.

The astronomical highlight of this eclipse will be the color of the Moon. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. Due to this, sun rays have to pass through a lot of atmosphere around the edges of the Earth. Additionally, the light is also refracted or bent. This sends the red light straight toward the Moon.

When can you see this event?

Although the total lunar eclipse will stay for 14 minutes 30 seconds, the entire event will begin at 2:17 PM IST and end by nearly 7 AM in the following day. People from the western parts of the United States, New Zealand, Australia and East Asia shall be able to witness. As for the Indians, it will not be that visible, but we can still see a part of it.

We’ll have four eclipses around the world this year.

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