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How Rich Is Conor McGregor?

Forbes Magazine recently released the list of 10 highest-paid athletes of 2021.

For the first time, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Conor McGregor has come out on top of the list.

McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist and boxer. Over the last 12 months, he earned over US$180 million. A large part of the money comes from the sale of his whiskey (alcohol) brand.

Football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are second and third on the list, respectively. Other athletes on the list include basketball star LeBron James, football player Neymar, and F1 racer Lewis Hamilton.

Forbes Magazine says that despite the pandemic, this year’s 10 highest-earning sports stars earned almost as much as they did in 2018 (which was a record).

Forbes has been making this list since 2012. The index calculates how much the athletes have earned from their games, winnings, and money from advertisements and other businesses. No female athlete has ever been on the list.

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