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What’s Inside Dragon Blood Trees?

Do natural anomalies amaze you? Be it the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines or the massive lake in Chilli that disappeared overnight – life on Earth is defined by many strange phenomena and mysterious things that are hard to explain.

Such is the case of this unusual tree that resembles an open, inside-out umbrella. The tree is called the ‘Dragon Blood Tree’.

The Socotra dragon tree is found on the Socotra archipelago in Yemen, a country in the Middle East.

How did the dragon tree get its name?

The tree produces thick resin which looks like blood. Not just that, the trunk of this tree resembles dragon’s scaly legs.

The tree got its name from one of Hercules’s adventures. According to the story, Hercules was asked to fetch three golden apples from a garden that a three-headed dragon guarded. To get the apples, Hercules had to kill the dragon. The dragon’s blood spilled all over sprouting dragon trees everywhere.

What does it look like?

The dragon’s blood tree has a unique and strange appearance and looks ‘like an umbrella’. The unusual shape helps it survive in arid conditions with low amounts of soil, such as in mountaintops.

Small fleshy berries grow on it that turn orange upon ripening.

The berries also give out a deep, red resin (liquid), known as dragon’s blood.

Does the tree have any use?

The tree’s sap is valued for its many medicinal properties and helps treat fevers, ulcers, etc.

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