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A 1000 New Words!

The 10th edition of The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has added more than 1000 words, that include 26 new Indian-English words. Other advanced features include – audio video tutorials, video walkthroughs and enhanced iWriter and iSpeaker tools.

Not just that, this edition also offers interactive online support with the help of the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries website and the OALD10e app.

The dictionary is an ocean of words, it is the ultimate learning tool that leads the way to confident communication in English.

The 10th edition features words like fake news, chatbot, microplastic have been added.

Indian-English words such as Aadhaar, chawl, dabba, hartal, shaadi feature among the whopping 86,000 words.

Auntie, bus stand, deemed university, FIR, non-veg, redressal, tempo, tube light, veg and videograph are also new entrants.

Out of the total 26 new Indian English words, 22 are in the printed dictionary, while the other four are in digital version. 

The four new Indian English words in the online version of the dictionary are current, looter, looting and upazila.

The new edition provides better, more accurate and understandable definitions with examples, usage notes and additional resources.

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