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What’s in the Word Pandemonium?

Merriam Webster defines pandemonium as a wild uproar (because of anger and excitement) in a crowd of people. It refers to a place with great noise and confusion, where people behave in a chaotic, unrestrained manner. 

This word was invented by the famous English poet John Milton. He first used the term in his epic poem Paradise Lost.

According to Milton, ‘pandemonium’ referred to the capital city of Hell – ‘the place of all the demons’. The word is derived from the Greek term pan meaning ‘all’ and demon meaning ‘evil spirit’ in Latin.

Paradise Lost is the story of ‘man’s first disobedience’. It discusses the Fall of Man from Paradise and the loss of Eden, as mentioned in the Holy Bible. In this Biblical story, the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) got tempted by the fallen angel Satan to take a bite of the Forbidden fruit, which led to their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.


Milton wrote Paradise Lost sixteen years after he became blind. 

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