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The Tale of Potato Chips

We all love potato chips! But where did they come from? Was it an accidental hit or is there a story?

Let’s read and find out!

  • The credit for this great invention goes to George Crum, a chef who worked at Moon Lake Lodge, a resort in Saratoga Springs, New York
  • He was getting a lot of complaints from his customers. They said the fried potatoes were too soggy and did not taste good!
  • He wanted to teach them a lesson. So, he sliced the potatoes really thin and fried them till they were very hard and added heaps of salt to them. He thought the customers would be really unhappy
  • The customers loved the new fried potato slices. They loved the crunchy feel and the salt on top. And voila! potato chips were born
  • A lot of restaurants in the US started selling potato chips at the start of the 19th century. They became more and more popular

How did potato chips last so long?

  • It was hard to store the chips as they broke inside the paper bags. Laura Scudder, a business owner of Monterey Park, California, in 1926 came up with an idea to hand-iron sheets of wax paper into bags. These bags were then filled with potato chips and sealed with a warm iron

Which was the first big company?

  • It was ‘Frito Lay – Wikimedia Commons‘. Owned by Herman Lay, it was the first big company to set up factories and sell potato chips all over the US. The potato chips were sold under the brand name Lay’s Potato Chips, which now belongs to Pepsi

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