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How did Bicycles Come to India?

There was a time when animals such as horses served as a means of transport and then, much later, we had bicycles to help us with our daily commute. Have you ever wondered how bicycles came to India? 

The bicycle was first brought to India by the British. A German named Karl Von Drais had invented it in 1817.

  • Karl Von Drais called his newly invented bicycle the ‘running machine’ or the ‘hobby horse’
  • The hobby horse had 2 large wheels and a steering handlebar
  • This machine was invented so that people could use something other than horses

Over the next 60 years, the look of the bicycle changed many times.

By 1884, the ‘Penny-farthing ‘ bicycle had one large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel.

British manufacturers such as BSA started selling bicycles in India in large numbers.

  • In the late 1800s, bicycles were only found in hill stations in India
  • Initially, only men were allowed to use it. However, later, women could also use them
  • Later on, bicycle use became very popular among the common people

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