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7 Creative Leaf Project Ideas for Your Child

A seasoned parent will tell you that there are various types of creative crafts that you can do with your kids. How about doing some leaf-themed projects

Kids generally love playing with leaves, and if you think your kid has a creative mind, then let them get busy making exciting and creative leaf projects. If you are looking for some amazing ideas related to crafts with real leaves to get inspired, we have listed down these easy-to-do leaf projects ideas here. Not to mention, most of these simple and easy leaf project ideas can be done using things around your house.

Here are 7 Leaf Project ideas for your child to do this season

Melted Crayon Leaf Sun catchers

These look super stunning in the warm afternoon light. The best thing is that they are inexpensive and affordable. Before you begin, go on a nature walk with your kid to collect leaves. Maple and ash tree leaves can be a great option. For this project, you will need:

·       A few crayons

·       Mini grater

·       Wax paper

·       Dishcloth

·       Double-sided tape

·       Iron

·       Scissors and sharpie marker

How to make

Invite your kid to very carefully grate the crayons on wax paper using a mini grater. Once done, place another wax paper on the crayon shavings. Lay a dishcloth or a paper towel on top of the wax papers. Then slowly iron the papers—this will make the crayons melt, forming beautiful colours. After that, trace the leaves on the paper, and cut them out. Now, place the cut-outs on the window using double-sided tape.

Here’s an alternative version you might like to try.

A Leaf Lantern

A colourful leaf lantern is a wonderful way to brighten up your indoors. Furthermore, kids of all ages will love it. For this easy-to-do leaf art for kids, you will need:

·       A glass lantern, or you can use a mason jar

·       Fall leaves

·       Glue

How to make

Sit together with your kid and stick the fall leaves around a lantern of your choice or a mason jar using glue. Let it dry. Now, place a small candle inside the glass jar and light it up. Turn off all the other lights to see the magic.

A Leaf Bookmark

If your kid loves to read books and also enjoys spending time making crafts at home, then they will definitely love to make leaf bookmarks. Simply gather these:

·       Leaves of your choice

·       Cardboard or ice-cream sticks

·       Paint

·       Glue

How to make

First, cut the cardboard to create bookmarks. If you have ice-cream sticks, they are great too. Cut the cardboard into various shapes—square, triangle, and circle. Once done, apply the leaves on the strips with glue. To make the bookmarks a little colorful and visually appealing, encourage your child to paint them.You can also create bookmarks using pressed flowers and leaves.

Animals with Leaves

All kids love and adore animals. Converting leaves into animals’ canvases can be one of the best leaf art ideas. You’ll need:

·       Leaves

·       Sketch pens

·       A heavy book

How to make

Explore your garden with your kid and collect leaves of different colours, sizes, and shapes. Place the leaves inside a heavy book and leave them for a few weeks. Take the leaves out and draw different animal figures using sketch pens. Now, stick the leaves on the figures to create fun leafy animals.

Here are some more ideas to inspire your leafy animal creations.

Leaf Greeting Cards

Why buy greeting cards when you can teach your kid to make fun and creative greeting cards for all occasions at home! Whether it’s a birthday card, or a Holiday card, or a Thank You card, your child will love making these using very few tools. 

·       Glue

·       Cardboard

·       Leaves

·       Sketch pens or paints

·       Glitter

How to make

Cut the cardboard to a small greeting card size. Let your kid paint the card with their favorite color. Once done, stick the collected leaves on the card. Draw some figures on the leaves and for a fancier appearance, sprinkle some glitter. Use glue to keep the glitter attached to the card.If you are looking for something simpler, check out this tutorial.

Fairy Lights with Leaves

With this leaf project idea, the nights will become more beautiful. This is ideal for those cool autumn nights where your kid’s room looks like it’s dipped in nature. For this project, you will only need:

·       Fairy lights

·       Fall leaves

·       Glue

How to make

Decorate the room with fairy lights and then stick some leaves on the lights using glue. It’s that simple! To make the room look more interesting, use leaves of a variety of colors.

Leaf Sunflower

Get a little crafty with your kids by using the materials that the nature has to offer, and leaf sunflower project is an excellent example of this. 

·       Glue

·       Yellow leaves 

·       Construction paper

·       Duct tape

·       Scissors

·       Green paper drinking straws

How to make

Take brown construction paper and cut two circles. Apply glue and stick yellow leaves all around one circle. If you do not find yellow leaves, paint the leaves in yellow and let them dry before you use them. Pour a generous amount of glue and add another layer of leaves. Now, apply glue to the second brown circle, stick it to the center of the leaves and press down. Attach green paper drinking straw using tape and wait for the glue to completely dry. Your beautiful sunflower is now ready!